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Lawyers in Estepona & Manilva

Alborán abogados is a lawyer firm set in Estepona and Manilva with more than 25 years of experience. We are specialised in granting quality legal advice and services as we have the deep roots and knowledge of a variety of law matters providing our services to both private individuals and businesses. Our aim is to be close to our clients and provide them with a full and integrated defence of their interests. The qualified lawyer in Alborán Abogados is Mercedes Blanco who has a degree in Law from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) University and has a PhD in Law from the University of Málaga with a professional experience as a lawyer of more than 25 years.


Claim for the costs of your mortgage.


Client Services


Civil Law

Restitutions, Tort law, Contracts & Obligations, Lease, Rents, Evictions, Residents´ association, real state law, etc

Family Law and inheritance

Divorce, Family mediation, Custodies, Alimony, Support payments, Inheritance claims, Contestations, sharing heritages, etc

Property Law

The process of buying a house in Spain. The process will normally involve 5 different steps.

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Labour Law

Individual and collective dismissals ERE, claims for damages and compensations, work accidents, disabilities, mobbing, contracting, etc

Commercial Law

Administrator obligations and liabilities, business consultancy, intellectual and industrial property, commercial contracts, etc

Tax Law

General tax advice, tax inspections, corporation taxes, IVA, IRPF, Donations, asset management, etc



Criminal Law

Crime against the persons, Crime against family rights and duties: unpaid pensions, motoring offenses (excessive speed, alcohol…) etc